Hot infotainment system causes Tesla recall of 130K cars

These vehicles have infotainment systems that can overheat before and during fast charging.

With an over-the-air software update, Tesla believes it can fix the flaw like a smartphone app, making the recall easier for Tesla and affected owners. Tesla owners won't need to go to a shop.

This year, Tesla issued seven Model 3 recalls and six Model Y recalls, all of which were resolved with software updates.

As cars, especially electric cars, grow more computerised, software fixes are anticipated to become more prevalent.

The modifications may also be less expensive than buying and installing new airbags or engine components.

Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys from2022, as well as Model S and Model Xs from 2021 and2022, are included in this month's recall.

The infotainment computer chip in some Teslas may not cool properly, causing delayed processing or a restart.

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