For the first time, U.S. border agents discover this elusive bug.

The Cochabamba sp. beetle was discovered at the Pharr International Bridge by US Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists.

One of Mexico's rarest pests, the Cochabamba species, was discovered by customs agents at the US-Mexico border in a consignment of fresh fruit.

According to a US Customs and Border Protection news release, the finding was made on May 2 by agriculture specialists at the Pharr International Bridge in Texas.

A mangosteen shipment from Mexico contained a kind of leaf beetle.

Beetles can "cause agricultural and economic damage as their larvae skeletonize the leaf surface and adult consume plant or tree leaves and cause damage to foliage" in Central or South America, according to the press release.

US Customs and Border Protection has not previously found the damaging beetles at any of the US ports of entry.

Port Director Carlos Rodriguez said in a press release that "our agriculture specialists assist defend American agriculture and contribute to the economic security of the nation by preventing entry to invasive species not known to exist in the US."

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