Bucks Showcase Championship Pedigree Threatens Celtics

Milwaukee rallied from a double-digit fourth-quarter deficit to take a 3–2 series lead.

This game may have been the most exciting of the NBA playoffs so far. With ten minutes left, Boston led 14-1. 

The Celtics weren't great. No way. Jayson Tatum had 34 points on 29 shots. Then Brown's Al Horford had eight in Game 4.

With Robert Williams out, Daniel Theis was the only Celtics sub to score in double figures.

Milwaukee couldn't rally. They weren't supposed to be. lacked firepower They didn't seem to. How many times have we heard about Boston's defence? No way the Bucks could fight back.

With Khris Middleton out, this series has been Giannis Antetokounmpo's. He had 42 points in Game 3. After that, he was quiet.

The Bucks tried to move the ball early in Game 5. Jrue Holiday scored nine. Allen had five. Bobby Portis added four points.

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