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Longest Win Streak in Baseball

Longest Win Streak in Baseball

The National League was established in 1876, marking the beginning of professional baseball. It was officially established in 1901 that the American League would join forces with the National League to form Major League Baseball, which began in 1903. P

Since the year 1903, there have undoubtedly been a number of noteworthy streaks and records. One of those incredible feats was witnessed by us more than 118 years later. The St. Louis Cardinals won their 17th consecutive game on Tuesday, defeating the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Central Division.

Take a look at some of the most impressive winning streaks in sports history:

What is the record for the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball?

New York Giants (#26) (1916, had an unofficial tie)

Cleveland Indians (#22) (2017)

Chicago Cubs (21#) (1935)

Oakland Athletics (#20) (2002)

Chicago White Sox (#19) (1906), New York Yankees (unofficial tie) (1937)

#18 – New York Giants (1904), New York Yankees (1953)

#17 – New York Giants (1907), Washington Senators (1912), New York Giants (1916), Philadelphia Athletics (1931), Pittsburgh Pirates (1937-38), St. Louis Cardinals (2021)

Which MLB team has the longest winning streak against a single opponent?

There are four head-to-head team winning streaks of 20+ since 1908.

23 – Orioles vs Royals, 1969–70. Of course Baltimore won the American League pennant both those seasons and the Royals were a brand-new expansion team. Kansas City finally got their first win against Baltimore on April 30th, 1971.

21 – Yankees vs St Louis Browns, 1927. On September 11th, 1927, the Browns won the last head-to-head game of the season after the Murderer’s Row Yankees won the first 21 matchups.

20 – Cardinals vs Phillies, 1927–28. The Phillies of this era were god-awful.

20 – Pirates vs Reds, 1937–38. In 1937, Pittsburgh went 21–1 against Cincinnati and 65–67 against the other six NL teams.