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In New York City, who can actually acquire a gun?

In New York City, who can actually acquire a gun

After the Supreme Court struck down the state’s concealed carry statute in June, New York City officials anticipate a rise in the number of weapons carried lawfully in the city.

The licensing body responsible for providing firearms permits in the city, the New York City Police Department, is well known for its stringent requirements.

The rule that the court invalidated gave licensing authorities some latitude in deciding who required “a special necessity for self-protection.” The state has established new standards for issuing the permits as of September 1 due to the high court’s decision that the previous requirement was unlawful.

While more applicants are anticipated to be accepted to carry guns in the city as a result of the relaxed regulations, they must first go through a rigorous screening process that includes references checks, a licensing agency interview (which the NYPD already requires), gun safety training, and more. Who is capable of using a weapon “only in a manner that does not jeopardize oneself or others” and who has good “good moral character” will ultimately be determined at the discretion of licensing bodies.

Due to a new state legislation that was created in response to the SCOTUS decision, guns are still forbidden in numerous locations around New York City. These locations include Times Square, courthouses, schools, parks, concert venues, and more.

The Supreme Court decision was made at a time when citywide gun violence had risen above pre-pandemic levels. Gun sales have increased nationwide at the same period. According to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, 18% of American households bought a gun between March 2020 and March 2022, and nearly 50% of adult Americans now reside in homes with firearms.

Police in New York have stated that they are seeking additional guidance on how to apply the new law from the state and courts. Here are the requirements in New York City right now to obtain a firearm:

How Can I Apply for an NYPD Gun License?

Since 2018, all handgun license, rifle/shotgun permit, and renewal applications must be submitted online. A profile must be created, fingerprints and the necessary paperwork must be submitted, and application and fingerprint costs must be paid.

The NYPD arranges an in-person interview after receiving and reviewing an application. A letter informing the applicant of the outcome of the application will be sent within six months.

In New York City, who is allowed to carry a gun?

According to current legislation, a permit holder must be at least 21 years old, of good moral character, and in good enough physical and mental health to safely handle a firearm.

The NYPD performs a background investigation prior to issue a gun license, which involves a careful examination of the applicant’s medical and legal history, including any records of arrests, summonses, or domestic violence.

A letter of necessity must also be included with a carry or premises license application. Retired police enforcement personnel are qualified to apply for a license, and the application price for handgun licenses is even waived for individuals who worked in New York City.

Security officers can also get a permit with the right paperwork from their workplace.

Which License Categories Does the NYPD Issue?

Each of the five license types that the NYPD offers has a three-year tenure. Unrestricted concealed carrying is not permitted under all licenses. Licenses are given out for usage at a place of business or residence and state whether the licensee is allowed to carry it or use it there.

License holders may transfer their firearm and ammunition to an authorized range, shooting competition, hunting area, or another allowed location with a premises license, which is restricted to the address listed on the permit.

An applicant must get a carry business license, which is valid for a particular individual, business, occupation, or residence, in order to carry a concealed firearm. The license may be granted in exceptional cases for safety-related purposes unrelated to business.

The limited carry business authorization is only valid under specific circumstances; otherwise, it must be unloaded and put away. The possessor of a special license must be in possession of a current carry country card.

Security guards can carry a handgun only when they are actively working or traveling to and from their place of employment, according to the carry guard licenses that the NYPD distributes to security guards. A law enforcement retiree license is available to retired police.