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How Much Does a WaterBoy Make in the NFL

How Much Does a WaterBoy Make in the NFL

Being an NFL waterboy may not sound like the most glamorous job in the world, but it is one of the most important jobs on the training staff of a professional football team.

Being an NFL waterboy has been the subject of movies, songs, and documentaries, and the players aren’t the only ones who make a lot of money on the field.

Sports waterboys have been around since 1869, with Adam Sandler’s character Bobby Boucher from the film “The Waterboy” being the most well-known of all time.

While many football fans would gladly perform this service for free, being a waterboy in the NFL comes with a respectable salary as well as a variety of perks as an added incentive.

This page contains all the information you need to know about what an NFL waterboy does and how much they are paid.

When it comes to the NFL, how much do waterboys make?

According to, the average salary of an NFL waterboy is a whopping $53,000 a year. You might want to take a seat before continuing reading this article. According to, some are unpaid or work as stipend interns, but the full-time water and towel boys are considered to be part of the training staff.

According to the Career Explorer Guide, only those with five or more years of experience can earn up to $53,000 per year.

Nonetheless, that is a substantial sum of money, especially considering that the job does not appear to be particularly difficult. According to occupational employment statistics from the United States Department of Labor, the estimated annual salary of $53,000 is comparable to that of firefighters, graphic designers, and legal assistants. Although it isn’t a million dollars, it is a substantial sum of money for the job.

If you need any more proof that NFL waterboys make significantly more than the minimum wage, just ask former NFL receiver Chad Ochocinco, who recently retired from the league. In 2019, he told a San Francisco 49ers football fan the same amount, prompting the obvious question: where does one go to sign up to be a waterboy in the NFL?

What Do the NFL Waterboys Do All Day?

Generally speaking, the job description is unambiguous. Waterboys are responsible for keeping players hydrated. It is their goal not to get in the way of the game by providing towels and other items that players and coaches may require while on the field. Some players even receive free game-used gear such as jerseys and jockstraps. Oh my goodness! The job title, contrary to popular belief, is not restricted to men only.

There isn’t much information available on the internet about the behind-the-scenes work that a waterboy in the NFL or NBA does, but it appears that the vast majority of them have a high school diploma or higher. It’s likely that your previous experience working with a college football team will be beneficial in your application.

Is it worth it to work as a waterboy for the NFL?

While the salary of an NFL waterboy is commendable, it’s clear that the real benefit comes from the perks and, of course, the opportunity to interact with players on a personal level. Understandably, it is not a long-term career path, but it can serve as a stepping stone to positions within the NFL’s corporate structure.

How does one go about becoming a waterboy for the NFL?

Job openings for NFL waterboys are typically advertised on the NFL’s official website, Getting hands-on experience while in high school and/or college can help applicants stand out from the competition.

Final Conclusions

What does a waterboy make in the National Football League? The majority of people believe that being a waterboy is a thankless and lowly job. That, on the other hand, is completely incorrect. With the excellent salary you will receive from this job, you will be able to live comfortably. Isn’t this a good job you’ve done here?