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How Much Do Baseball Players Make

How Much Do Baseball Players Make

750 players are currently active in Major League Baseball, which is divided into 30 teams with 25 players per team. During the season, they play 162 games. Starting in mid-February, exhibition games are played until the team’s official opening day, which occurs during the first week of April. Spring training begins in late February.

America’s favourite pastime, baseball, is widely considered to be the nation’s favourite sport, and many children dream of one day playing on a major league diamond. It is true that the odds of accomplishing this are extremely long, and the road ahead is treacherous. Stories about star players’ mind-bogglingly high, multimillion-dollar salaries dominate the news cycle, but literally thousands of baseball hopefuls will never have the opportunity to sign a contract with a company of that calibre.

What is an MLB baseball player’s salary?

According to reports, an MLB player’s average salary in 2021 will be $4.17 million, down 4.8 percent from 2019. However, when compared to MLB players’ earnings, the median income, which has also been reduced to $1.15 million, paints a very different picture.

The average salary is skewed because star players earn millions of dollars per year, putting them ahead of a large number of players who earn just above the minimum wage. There are currently 20 players earning more than $25 million per year, with over a hundred earning more than $10 million.

The highest-paid Major League Baseball players

Trout is the most valuable player on the list in terms of total contract value, having signed a 12-year deal with the Angels worth $426.5 million. Cole earns the most money on an annual basis, earning an average of $36 million. This is a part of his nine-year, $324 million contract with the New York Yankees, which he signed this past offseason.

Harper’s contract with the Philadelphia Phillies is worth $330 million over the course of 13 seasons. With Giancarlo Stanton, who is currently in the midst of his own 13-year contract worth $325 million over the course of the deal, this is the longest contract in baseball history.

Mookie Betts, if he does not sign a contract extension with the Los Angeles Dodgers this offseason, will almost certainly be added to this list when he becomes a free agent. Some believe Betts could command a contract worth more than $400 million, similar to the deal the Angels gave Trout last season. These $300 million and $400 million contracts will become increasingly common in baseball over the next few years, according to Baseball Prospectus.