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How Many People Watched the World Cup?

How Many People Watched the World Cup

More than half of the world’s population aged four and older watched the 2018 World Cup, which was hosted in Russia. Fifa has officially declared that 3.57 billion people around the world watched the tournament.

A total of 1.12 billion people throughout the world watched the final match, which was played out between France and Croatia.

The report also reveals that, on average, viewers watching on TV at home engaged with the coverage for longer than in previous FIFA World Cups: the number of viewers who caught at least three minutes of the 2018 edition was 3.04 billion, representing a 10.9 percent increase on Brazil 2014’s viewership.

In the meantime, the audience that watched for at least half an hour was 2.49 billion, which is a significant increase from the 1.95 billion watchers in 2014.

As the 2022 World Cup is set to take place in Qatar in less than six months, Infantino also emphasized the potential role that soccer could play in altering people’s impressions of the country.

As a result of abuses of human rights and concerns raised by the diplomatic community, the country has been under intense scrutiny about its readiness to host the tournament.

Migrant workers, along with other types of non-native Qataris, make up the majority of the country’s population. As a result of Qatar’s treatment of these employees, human rights organizations have been extremely critical of the government.

Amnesty International, a human rights organization, has referred to the Fifa World Cup as the “Qatar World Cup of shame,” citing the country’s treatment of migrant workers as well as its attitude on the LGBTQ community as the reason for their statement.