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5 Reasons Why You Use Walking Sticks for Hiking

Reasons Why You Use Walking Sticks for Hiking

Trekking poles are an excellent way to improve the stability and comfort of any hike, no matter how long or short it may be. Whether you’re planning a cross-country journey or just a weekend excursion, trekking poles are a worthwhile investment.

Although trekking poles aren’t strictly necessary for hiking or backpacking, a lot of people really enjoy using them for a variety of different reasons.

In this post, we will cover all you need to know about hiking with poles, including what you should think about before purchasing your own set of poles.

Why do you need to use hiking sticks?

Balance and stability can be improved by using hiking sticks.

You won’t have to think twice about how and when to use trekking poles once the initial difficulty of learning how to use them fades. You’ll be considerably more stable and have much greater balance if you have four points of contact with the ground.

For uneven terrain, steep ascents or descents, water crossings, and journeys over loose rocks, damp pathways, and snow, hiking sticks are best used.

Ice strength and water depth can both be measured with poles.

It might be challenging to gauge the depth of a water crossing or the thickness of the ice on a frozen stream. Trekking poles can eliminate any uncertainty and assist you in safely navigating risks.

Provides Rhythm

It goes without saying that swiping your arms back and forth can help you burn a little more energy if you want to make your hike more of a full body exercise. Developing a rhythm while using hiking sticks is also pleasant.

You Lighten the Load on Your Muscles and Joints

Poles lessen the strain on your joints when you’re going downhill (and to a lesser amount when you’re on flat ground).

That implies that the stresses and torques on your knees and ankles are reduced, which may be especially advantageous if you have joint issues like osteoarthritis, are older or overweight, or all three.

Poles also assist you in braking as you are descending, minimizing the eccentric muscle contractions that cause muscular injury and cause soreness in your legs the following day.

Other Advantages

Trekking poles can perform a variety of additional tasks, depending on your needs.

Trekking poles can assist keep wild animals at bay or injured limbs immobilized. Walking sticks can be used as splints to mend broken tent poles.

They can also be used as temporary probes in snow, clearing away sticks and overgrown trail plants.


Using trekking poles can make you feel more confident when walking on a variety of terrain.

They are a common piece of hiking gear that can be helpful to anyone who requires additional balance and stability.

Talk to your primary care physician or a physical therapist about utilizing the poles if you have a condition that makes it difficult for you to maintain your balance and require additional instructions on how to use them. Get out there and discover all the wonderful locations there are for you to take pleasure in.